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AMA session with Galaxy Online

by lerika

An AMA session with the Galaxy Online team was held today, July 15th. The partnership proposal from this team was accepted by the Free TON community more than half a year ago. During this time,  our community members fell in love with the Galaxy Online game. In general, the project continues to develop, and, within today’s AMA session, its team members will talk about further plans and the next stages of integration with Free TON.
For the subsequent integration of the TON Crystal token into the Galaxy Online ecosystem, the team requested 80,000 TON from the community. This amount will be used to pay for software solutions, the implementation of technologies declared in the KPI, as well as advertising and marketing.
In addition, the Galaxy Online team asks to create a Lock Stake in the amount of 500,000 TON in depools for 6 months.

As the benefits that our community members will receive, the Galaxy Online team mentioned:

  • Attraction and subsequent retention of the Free TON audience thanks to the ability to mine Freetonium.
  • Teaching the audience about Free TON technologies using special tasks, the reward for which will be paid in TON tokens.
  • An acquaintance of players with the informational and technological environment of Free TON.
  • A new marketplace where True NFT can be issued and traded.
  • Partner support until the project is able to recoup the costs on its own.

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