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Free TON weekly Meetup #62

by lerika

Today, July 13, the sixty-second meeting of Free TON representatives took place. It was attended by Mitya Goroshevsky, Ben Sunderland, Pavel Prigolovko, Platon Knyazev, Joanna Eberhart, Raymond Gabriel, Alexander Filatov, Gulzaman Khan, and Ron Millow.

This week, a partnership proposal from the GamePad Bot team was accepted. This is a telegram bot with games, in which tournaments are constantly held. Also, there is a referral system.

Last week, some project partners and contest winners were supposed to receive tokens, but since a large number of proposals will go to the vote this week and some of them will be accepted, all tokens will be sent out at once next week.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mitya Goroshevsky spoke with the technical updates. The Rust Cup started last week. There was a network failure in the early laps, but it was quickly fixed by restarting the network. The Rust Cup is an “endurance race,” so participants must be prepared for new patches, network updates, network restarts, and other inconveniences.

The project representatives received a proposal on how to attract people who are not members of the Free TON community to participate in competitions. It is necessary to compile a whitelist of the largest contest platforms and place all Free TON contests there. It is necessary to add the appropriate hashtags to the text of the terms of the contest for greater convenience.

Representatives of the Createwills project made a presentation of the partnership proposal. You can learn more about it from the full video of the meetup:

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