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TON Seed. User guidelines

by lerika

For a seed to germinate, it must be planted in fertile soil. TON Seed will bear gorgeous fruit in the generous soil of Free TON.

Some members of the community have probably heard about the crowdfunding platform on Free TON – TON Seed. Today we will make a detailed overview of the platform, its functionality, advantages, and prospects that TON Seed provides to new projects.
We decided to demonstrate the functionality of the platform using a personal example. We created an account and posted a test project. The platform interface is laconic and super user-friendly. Registration on the site is via telegram, all you need is to give the system permission to view information from your account.

After registration, you will be redirected to a page with a short guide to the platform, its capabilities, and key features. After reading the guide, we proceed to the placement of the project.

The application process is divided into 4 stages:

  • Information about the project: you need to indicate the name of the project, links to the site and telegram, description of the project, and the logo.
  • Benefits of your project for Free TON: describe your project and its target audience. Tell the users how your project will interact with Free TON, describe how both parties will benefit from this partnership.
  • Statistics. Indicate the estimated number of users per day and per month, the number of transactions, etc. Don’t forget to attach links and screenshots of the current progress.
  • Budget. Indicate the wallet address and the required budget for the first stage of the project development. It is important to indicate here what work has already been done, as the community is more actively supporting working products.

If you are sure that you have filled in all the fields correctly, feel free to send the project for moderation; if not, save it as a draft and consult with other team members.

We are sure that TON Seed will help a large number of projects see the world and will open many new names to our community.


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