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AMA-session with Pi Capital Union

by lerika

At the end of June, Pi Capital Union published a partnership proposal on the forum. About a week later, Free TON representatives held an AMA session with members of Pi Capital Union.
Pi Capital Union is a group of fintech companies that provides blockchain technology services to users, traders, and investors. All services of the company are developed on the basis of its own blockchain and are available in the mobile app.

Pi Capital Union has released its own stablecoin EuPi on the ERC-20 protocol. As it becomes clear from the name of the coin, its rate is tied to the euro rate. Stablecoin is successfully used in the ecosystem of the project.

Question: What can you offer the Free TON project as part of a partnership?

Answer: We will attract more liquidity in Free TON, since we will provide an opportunity to buy TON Crystal for Fiat (Euro). We also plan to hold online and offline promotions for our clients.
Moreover, we are planning to release the EuPi stablecoin on the Free TON blockchain (TIP-3 standard) will allow us to attract large capital due to the demand for this crypto asset among institutions and medium-sized players in the crypto market. Also, the release of such a product will create a positive information environment around the project. The token price will be backed by the Pi Capital Union alternative investment fund, which is based in the Netherlands.
TON Crystal token will be added to Izipay mobile banking.
Izipay is a mobile banking application that accepts payments in euros. In the third quarter of this year, an update will be released, which will implement the functionality of a cryptocurrency wallet.

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