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Free TON Weekly Meetup #61

by lerika

Today, July 6, the sixty-first weekly Free TON meetup took place. It was attended by Dmitry Konyuk, Joanna Eberhart, Ben Sunderland, Ron Millow, Alexander Filatov, Mitya Goroshevsky, Roman D, Alex Novikov, Sergey Zaitsev, Sergey Dzhurinsky, Mikhail Kabanov.

There was no distribution of tokens last week, all partners who submitted reports, as well as winners of contests, will receive payments next week.

As for the new proposals, a proposal to extend the voting time of the jury for the Free TON Project News and Educational Websites Contest was voted on. A general call of the jury members will take place tonight, at which all the contest submissions and their compliance with the terms of the contest will be considered.

Mitya Gorosheskiy presented the most important technical updates. He announced the start of the Free TON Rust Cup, a so-called endurance validator race. This time 268 validators will take part in it. A lot of network updates will be released during the “race”, and a lot of experimentation will be carried out, so the validators will be put under high stress.

FRAX (Fractional Algorithmic Stablecoin Protocol) representative made a presentation of the partnership proposal. The implementation of the protocol will take place in two stages:

  • Farming. All investors who provide liquidity for the RAX / WTON, FXS / WTON, and FRAX / USDC pairs can count on rewards in TON tokens.
  • Transfer of the FRAX protocol to the Free TON network. Thus, it will be possible to mint Frax directly on the Free TON network.

Also, within the meetup, a presentation of a partner offer from GamePad took place.
GamePad is a telegram bot that allows you to play various games directly from telegram. It contains more than 40 games in HTML5, has three types of daily and weekly tournaments, and its own referral program. The main goal of the partnership with Free TON is to raise awareness of the GamePad audience about Free TON, as well as provide the ability to withdraw prize funds in TON tokens.

At the end of the meeting, Ron Millow made a speech with unpleasant news. One of the project partners – MerkleTree – turned out to be a scam. Its leader, a man named Thabeng, has not provided any partner reports. Essentially, MerkleTree did not follow through on the partnership agreement.

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