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Free TON DeFi Alliance partners with STASIS

by lerika

STASIS is a tokenization platform with the EURS native stablecoin. It becomes clear from the token’s name that this stablecoin is backed by the euro. According to the CEO of the company, Grigory Klumov, the creation of stablecoins, backed by the world’s leading currencies, will help to attract more institutional investments in the cryptocurrency market. Thus, the investor receives a cryptocurrency analog of a stable and convertible asset that can be used for trading or investing in cryptocurrency projects without the slightest volatility.

Most recently, STASIS and Free TON DeFi Alliance entered into a partnership agreement, which is planned to be implemented in two stages:
First, the EURS-Wrapped TON currency pair will be added to TonSwap. Users who will provide liquidity to this pool will receive profit in Sound TON tokens.
Secondly, the EURS stablecoin smart contract will be moved to the Free TON network, that is, community members will have a real opportunity to buy TON Crystal for fiat.
Both parties are very pleased with such a profitable partnership because it opens up completely new development opportunities for each of them!

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