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AMA-session with Gamepad

by lerika

Today, July 6, an AMA session was held with a new potential project partner – GamePad Bot. It was attended by Dmitry Konyuk, a GamePad representative, as well as Free TON representatives Ron Millow, Mikhail Kabanov, and Roman D.

GamePad Bot is a telegram bot that allows you to play various games directly from Telegram. It contains over 40 HTML5 games and its own referral program. Players can compete for real cash prizes in three types of daily and weekly tournaments.
Authorization to the service is via Telegram. At the moment, there are more than 28 thousand participants in the GamePad chat.

The goal of the partnership is to introduce TON Crystal into the GamePad service as one of the currencies. Users will be able to both spend tokens for purchases in the bot and withdraw the winnings in them.

Dmitry was asked whether they plan to pay out prize winnings ONLY in TON Crystal tokens or if it will be one of the options for withdrawals along with fiat funds. If the withdrawal is exclusively in Free TON network tokens, then this will significantly increase the likelihood of accepting the partnership proposal from GamePad. Dmitry answered that he had no right to make such a decision on his own and should discuss it with the team.

The document of the partnership proposal says that more than 40 games were loaded into the bot, but during the conference, one of the Free TON representatives registered with the service and found only eight games. To a fair question about where the rest of the announced games are, Dmitry replied that at the moment the team is updating the service and has not yet loaded the rest of the games into the new interface. Dmitry promised to complete all work on updating the service by the end of July.

Also, the conference members discussed the prospects for introducing the badge system into the players’ rating and the possibility of rewarding the winners with NFT tokens.

You can find the full text of the partnership proposal from GamePad on the forum.

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