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Analytics of Partner Requests Contest. The Overview.

by lerika

As the project develops and the TON Crystal token is making its way to the top of various ratings, the number of partnership proposals keeps growing.

Free TON needs to develop its own tools for evaluating and analyzing partnership proposals.

Analytics & Support SG launched a competition to create a platform for analyzing current and potential partners. The main goal of creating such a resource is to provide each member of the project community with the opportunity to get a common view of the current Free TON partner network and its further development.

According to the terms of the competition, the information on the site must be updated weekly, however, the document contains no requirements for the method of updating it (programmatically or manually).


The platform should contain the following information:

  • The total number of partnership proposals per month;
  • Which of the existing partners contributed to the attraction of new partners, which of the attracted partnership proposals were accepted;
  • The number of tokens requested by partners. All the partners must be divided into groups according to their sphere of activity;
  • The dynamics of the number of requested tokens as the project develops;
  • The number of tokens allocated to each of the existing partners, as well as information on how the partners disposed of the received tokens;

Mandatory criteria for participation in the competition:

  • The platform must contain all partner proposals of the project at the time of the launch of the competition;
  • It is necessary to provide a description of each potential partner: the sphere of activity, KPI, a brief overview of the AMA session;
  • Information about crediting and debiting tokens on partners’ wallets must be updated programmatically.
  • The platform language is English, the others are optional.

You can find the full text of the contest proposal and discuss it on the forum


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