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Decentralized Writing Contest

by lerika

Hackernoon is launching a new round of the beloved contest as part of a partnership with Free TON. Meet the Decentralized Writing Contest!
To take part in this competition, you should write an article on decentralization on the Internet. It is not necessary to write about Free TON, your story may even be about your vision of decentralization without being tied to a specific project.
Submit your material on Hackernoon, be sure to add the #decentralized-internet tag, materials without a hashtag will not participate in the competition!

If your article passes moderation, you must post it on the web with the hashtag #DecentralizedInternet.
The number of articles from one participant is unlimited, the more materials you send, the greater your chance of winning! However, you can only win one prize per month.

The prize fund of the competition will be $ 3,500 each month, with the prize for the first place being $ 1,500, the second – $ 1,000, and the third and fourth places – $ 500 each.

We know for sure that there are many talented writers in our community. The editorial staff of ton-news.com wishes everyone whoa!

We remind you that the Free TON community accepted the partnership offer from Hackernoon in March 2021.

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