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Free TON Weekly Meetup #60

by lerika

Today, June 29, the sixtieth weekly Free TON meetup took place. It was attended by Ben Sunderland, Joanna Eberhart, Ron Millow, Alexander Filatov, Mitya Goroshevsky, Roman D, Pavel Prigolovko, Vladislav Ponomarev, Andrey Kalinichenko, Sergey Shashev, Ignat Shapkin.

Last week, tokens sent to:

  • NFT Marketplace Competition Winners and Jury Members;
  • Hackernoon, Grupovina and African Blockchain Institute in partnership;
  • DeFi Alliance

Proposals to extend the voting time for the Dune-> FreeTON Swap Implementation Stage 1 and Free TON News and Educational Websites contests were accepted on the vote.

The Wiki Renewal Contest starts tomorrow. All articles of low quality,  or containing outdated information about the project will be removed from the Free TON Wikipedia. They need to be replaced with high-quality articles written by real professionals. This time around, articles will have higher requirements in order to weed out low-quality content.

As a part of the sixtieth meetup, representatives of the DeFi Alliance held a master class on converting TONs to WTON (TON of ERC-20 standard), as well as on yield farming (yield farming is a type of earning on cryptocurrencies. The owners provide a couple of tokens to the DEX or bridge liquidity pool and freeze them there for a while. During this period of time, their tokens are available for exchange to other users, which allows you to perform operations with tokens constantly, without waiting for the desired currency to appear.)
You can watch the full video of today’s meeting of the project representatives or follow the instructions in this article.

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