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What is TON.Labs?

by lerika

Everyone who is familiar with Free TON knows that the core developer of the project’s software solutions is TON.Labs.
In this article, we will tell you when and under what circumstances the company was founded and what it is like today.
In 2018, TON.Labs, founded by Aleksandr Filatov, Pavel Prigolovko, Mitya Goroshevsky, and Dmitry Malyugin, worked on the Durov brothers’ project – Telegram Open Network (TON).

Aleksandr Filatov, source https://tonlabs.io/team

At the same time, the main idea of ​​the company was to create an operating system for the TON blockchain. It was created to simplify the process of developing TON programming code, thus expanding its acceptance among developers.

Pavel Prigolovko, source https://tonlabs.io/team

The work was carried out very actively until the news that the SEC filed a lawsuit against Telegram and demanded not to launch TON thundered. For the next six months, TON.Labs members closely watched the TON and SEC litigation. Even before it was over, the partners realized that if Telegram loses the case, the network will be launched without the Durov brothers and their funds.

Mitya Goroshevsky, source https://tonlabs.io/team

The Free TON blockchain was launched on May 11, 2020. The prefix “Free” is, according to the founders, a verb, and the phrase “Free TON” means “set TON free”.

Dmitry Malyugin, source https://tonlabs.io/team

Since the launch of the project, TON.Labs has earned over $ 30 million. Most of this amount is held in TON Crystal tokens.
The team consists of 60 professionals from all over the world who have already managed to create the fastest scalable blockchain in the world. The Free TON network is able to withstand maximum loads because the speed of execution of smart contracts on the network is extremely high.

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