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Deposit and Trading Competition on MEXC Global

by lerika

Hello, community! In honor of the Free TON listing, the MEXC Global exchange will hold a competition for trading and depositing the TON Crystal token with a total prize pool of 46 thousand TON!

The competition will start on 28.06 at 10:00 UTC and will run until 2 July at 15:00 UTC.

The competition consists of two parts:
First part. The prize fund of 25 thousand TON the early birds’ deposits. The first 500 people who deposit at least 100 TONs to the MEXC exchange account will receive 50 bonus tokens!
Second part. The prize fund of 21 thousand TON will be spread among the most active traders! Ten traders with the maximum trading volume during the “race” will share 14 thousand TONs! Everyone will receive an amount proportional to their trading volume. All other traders, whose minimum trading volume is at least 1 thousand TON, will share 7 thousand TON. Tokens will be distributed in the same proportion.

All winners will receive prize tokens within seven days from the end date of the event.

The amount of the deposit will be calculated using the following formula:
Deposit Amount – Withdrawn funds.

The trading volume will be calculated using the formula:
Total bought + Total sold.

To receive prize tokens, all users must complete the KYC procedure before the end of the competition, these are the MEXC Global rules.

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