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How to Receive TON Crystal Tokens

by lerika

As the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies grows, people have a desire to make money in this area. The forums are filled with debate about whether you can make a living from cryptocurrency income. Every day, courses from “specialists” of dubious qualifications appear on sale, guaranteeing a stable and high income after finishing them.

So what about Free TON? The answer to the question of how to make money on Free TON is very simple. You need to be a qualified specialist in your sphere, constantly develop and upgrade your skills, and work hard.

The project is managed by the community, tokens are distributed among the winners of competitions and partners on a meritocratic basis. This means that you need to do something useful for the development or promotion of the project, and only after it request some tokens (or win the contest with your product). Therefore, if you still do not know how to get TON tokens, then you have at least 2 ways:

Take part in contests. Free TON constantly holds contests for the development of software solutions, the creation of new sites and applications, integration with other products, the creation of corporate identity and branding, writing articles and other educational content. A huge number of specialists can realize themselves in competitions and receive rewards in TON tokens.

Become a project partner. In order for your partnership proposal to be accepted by the community, you first need to make a great IT product, which in the future you will be ready to integrate into the Free TON ecosystem. Your project should be useful to people and promote user acceptance of blockchain technologies in everyday life. The Free TON community consists of real professionals and any proposal is being thoroughly analyzed and examined before it even goes for the vote.

We wish you all the best of luck! If you want to take part in Free TON Contests in the future, we recommend you to follow updates on our website:)

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