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AMA session with MEXC Global

by lerika

Today, on June 25, the AMA session of Free TON representatives with the team of the MEXC Global exchange took place. The Free TON project was presented by Alexander Filatov, Dmitry Goroshevsky and Pavel Prigolovko.

During the AMA session, very interesting questions were asked and in this article, we will give some of them.

Question: What pressing problems do the Free TON project intend to solve?
Answer: Free TON is a scalable and completely decentralized network.  In other words, in terms of performance, the Free TON network can withstand huge loads and process information at a very high speed. Other networks cannot boast of this. This potential allows for applications that were out of the question before.

Question: Can you share some news about the project?

1. At the moment, a powerful DeFi infrastructure is being built in Free TON. A software bridge to the Ethereum network was developed, DEX was launched, and farming mechanics was developed. Also, in the near future, stablecoins will be launched, a bridge to the Polkadot blockchain and other networks will be completed.
2. The NFT Marketplaces competition recently concluded with the victory of six very promising projects.
3. The team found about 30 areas of application of Free TON technologies. Some of them have already been implemented, others will be implemented in the near future.
4. New SGs are being created, both regional (Indian, Japanese) and functional (DeFi, NFT, DevOps).
5. There are many ongoing contests that you can find at gov.freeton.org.

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