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Free TON Weekly Meetup #59

by lerika

Today, June 22, the fifty-ninth weekly Free TON meetup took place. It was attended by Ben Sunderland, Joanna Eberhart, Ron Millow, Mitya Goroshevsky, Vladislav Ponomarev, Roman D, Pavel Prigolovko.

Over the past two weeks, the following proposals have successfully passed the voting:

  • ABI Hackathon # 2;
  • The amendment to Free TON NFT Marketplace Contest;
  • Grupovina KPI report # 1;
  • Free TON Alliance Liquidity.

No token payments were made last week, all contest winners and partners will receive payments in the near future.
The winners of the DePR # 2 contest received tokens from Community Voice SG.

The winners of the Free TON Chrome Extension Contest will receive their prize tokens next week. Some jury members voted not for all applications in this competition, but only for some, which led to a mess.  The votes of these members of the jury were decided not to be taken into account when determining the winners.

The representative of Web & Design SG spoke about the results of the Identity Contest and showed the top 10 works. A total of 57 applications were submitted for the competition.

Then the representative of the Academy SG spoke about the starting DeCourses competition. Everyone who wants to take part in this competition must join the Academy SG group, since, according to the terms of the competition, the competition program must be posted on the Academy SG website. The main goal is to create a training course or a series of lessons about the project, on how to use existing IT products and solutions.

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