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Free TON DeCourses Contest Starts Tomorrow!

by lerika

A new contest from Academy SG – Free TON DeCourses starts tomorrow.

Distance learning has become the trend of the last year. For some people, working and studying from home is a necessary measure, for others it is a personal choice. Anyway, sales of trousers around the world have dropped noticeably, and the reason for this was the transition of most office workers to remote work 🙂

Free TON has its own online academy (Academy SG), where you can find lots of educational online courses.
As a part of the new DeCourses contest, participants need to create their own online training course and post it on the Academy website.
The subject matter of the courses is unlimited, however, courses related to blockchain technologies, decentralization, and our project are preferred.

Each course will be judged in accordance with two main criteria: the number of people who completed the course per month and its rank on the Academy website.
It is recommended to use visual material: pictures, videos, graphs, and diagrams.
Another obvious rule: all course materials must be original and belong to the author. If someone else’s material is used in the course, you must receive permission from the author to use it.
The results of the competition will be announced at the end of each month (there will be three rounds in total). The prize fund is 30,000 TON per month. The detailed logic of the distribution of prize tokens can be found in the official proposal of the contest.

The editors of our site wish good luck to all participants!

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