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How to register a TON Crystal Wallet?

by lerika

Developed by the Broxus team, the TON Crystal Wallet is one of the most popular Free TON wallets among users. The main difference between Crystal Wallet and TON Surf is that it cannot be used in a browser.

Download the Crystal Wallet version for your operating system.

Install the downloaded program following the instructions of the installation wizard. Launch TON Crystal Wallet. You will see a welcome window informing you that this wallet allows you to quickly and safely make payments in cryptocurrency without the involvement of intermediaries. Press the button “Create my Wallet” if you do not have a Free TON wallet yet or “Import existing wallet” if you have one. In this article, we will walk you through the process of creating a wallet.

The next information window informs that the wallet has been created, it is only left to come up with a password for it and save the secret phrase. In this application, the secret phrase consists of 24 words. We have already considered the basic recommendations for storing a seed phrase using the TON Surf example. The same rules apply to the TON Crystal Wallet, with the only difference being that the secret words are not 12, but 24. We write the secret phrase on several different carriers and press the “Continue” button.

The system sends us to check the correctness of the entry of the key phrase. enter three random words and press “Continue” again. Next, come up with a password, confirm it and … congratulations! You have registered your wallet!

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