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Guatemala Elections Contest AMA Session

by lerika

Today, June 18, an AMA session was held on the topic of the contest for the development of the mechanics of blockchain elections in Guatemala.

Question: How will GOV tokens be distributed?
Answer: Based on the results of the audit, each participant can request the number of tokens that he is entitled to. A special emitting contract will issue these tokens and transfer them to the participant’s address.

Question: How do I use GOV tokens?
Answer: Detailed information about this will be posted in the specification because now it is difficult to predict whether they will be used to buy something.

Question: What conditions must be achieved for a decision to be made?
Answer: We think that in this case, the SMV logic is best. If all the participants vote, then the decision for which a simple majority voted: 50% + 1, is considered as adopted; if 33% voted for some decision, and 0% against, then the decision is also considered as adopted.

Question: How many validators are needed to validate data?
Answer: It depends on the number of validators assigned to a particular voting center. For example, if three validators are assigned to a center, then it will be enough to receive confirmation from two of them. And if, for example, a thousand validators are assigned to each center? In this case, the validators who confirmed the data should have a significant percentage advantage over those who did not confirm them.


More questions and answers you’ll find in the video:

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