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Seed Phrase in TON.Surf

by lerika

Each registered TON.Surf account has a seed phrase – a unique 12-word mnemonic phrase. In order to access your account, these words must be reproduced in the same order in which they were given by the system when registering the account. The seed phrase must be saved in a safe place, as it cannot be changed or restored.

The TON.Surf team does not store seed phrases, pin codes, or your biometric data on their servers! Having lost the seed phrase, you automatically lose access to all funds on this account. If you accidentally shared your seed phrase with someone, you need to immediately create a new account and transfer all funds from an unsecured account to it.

The system is programmed in such a way that you do not need to enter a seed phrase to confirm every action. It is only needed when logging into your account. All actions within the account can be confirmed with a 6-digit pin code or biometrics. However, if you uninstall the app from your device or sign out of your account, you will need to enter a seed phrase.

The TON.Surf developers recommend making copies of the seed phrase not only on electronic devices, but also on paper, and keeping them in several safe places. Do not share your seed phrase with anyone, because it guarantees full access to your TON.Surf account.

You can view the seed phrase of your account here: “Settings” → “Security” → “Initial phrase”.

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