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FreeTONShop launches a contest!

by lerika

The first official online store of Free TON branded goods has launched a contest!
Requirements: in order to participate, you need to create a “collage of a Freetoner” – an artistically designed photo with the products of our store. Moreover, it is not enough just to dress a person in branded clothes, you need to create a full-fledged composition.

You must use products bought from @FREETONSHOP_bot. It can be either 1 item or 10. The number of items used for work does not matter, but there must be at least one/

Allowed tools: You can use any graphic editor, both mobile and desktop.

A maximum of three entries will be accepted from each participant. Collages must be sent to our chat (https://t.me/freetonshopchat) with the hashtag #typicalfreetoner

Authors of the best works will receive one of the items presented in their collages as a prize.

The Freetonshop team will comprehensively review each work and select the clearest, interesting, and complete work.
The competition ends on June 17, the winners will be announced on June 18-19.

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