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Free TON Weekly Meetup #58

by lerika

Today, June 15, the fifty-eighth weekly Free TON meetup took place. It was attended by Ben Sunderland, Joanna Eberhart, Ron Millow, Alexander Filatov, Mitya Goroshevsky, Roman D, Pavel Prigolovko, Ivan Kotelnikov, and Fabrice Lefessant.

Last week, tokens were sent to:

  • Human Ventures based on KPI report;
  • Japanese SG;
  • AdGram under a partnership agreement;
  • Pokerton based on the third KPI report;
  • Cointelegraph;
  • Bitcoin.com;
  • Xangle;

The winners of the NFT Marketplace contest were supposed to receive the prize tokens last week, but some ambiguity was found concerning the payout strategy. It states that all winners will receive “no more than” 30,000 tokens as the first payout, and the remainder will be paid in equal parts within 6 months, based on the support reports. Thus, the participants who took the 4th and 5th places, as the formulation implies, can receive the entire amount of payments at once. A proposal to change the wording of the terms of payouts was posted on the forum. Community members are offered three options for vote.

Fabrice Lefessant presented (on devnet) a mechanism for converting Dune Network (Dun) tokens into TON tokens, which is necessary for the merger of projects. Dun token holders can go to https://freeton.dune.network and test it. If the user clicks on the “Merge” tab at the top of the page, he will see that the merge of blockchains on the testnet was launched on June 12, and so far its progress has been 70%. The minimum amount of Dun to convert is 1,000 tokens due to the high network fees. Fabrice had conducted a test conversion of tokens during the meetup. The application interface is intuitive and has no unnecessary elements.

Then a brief overview of the DePR2 competition was presented. The jury accepted 25 articles each from the contestants who took the first and second places. 23 articles were accepted from the bronze medalist. There were many controversial articles in this competition, in relation to which the members of the jury did not form a unanimous opinion.

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