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How to register TON.Surf Wallet

by lerika

In this guide, you will find detailed instructions on how to create a TON.Surf wallet.

Go to the website https://web.ton.surf/;
Press the button “Create a free account”;

The put a tick in the checkbox “I have read and accepted the terms”;
Check the checkbox “Confirm”‘
Enter the pin code (you should remember it or write it down in a safe place because it is by the pin code that you will get access to the wallet);
Confirm the pin code (enter it once again);

We see the web interface of the wallet. Click on the TON.Surf logo in the upper left corner of the page.

In the menu that opens, select the item “Seed phrase” and click on it
Then you will see a security warning that warns you not to take photos or screenshots, as other applications can access your device. The system recommends putting down the seed phrase on a piece of paper.
Check the correctness of the seed phrase (enter it once again)
That’s all!
To replenish the wallet, click on the TON.Surf logo, select the item “Security”, then “Address and keys” and see your wallet address. You can also click on the “Receive” button at the bottom of the screen
After you first replenish your wallet, the “Send” item will appear in the menu.
When depositing tokens on some exchanges, it is necessary to indicate a comment for each transaction (the comment itself can be found in the personal account of the exchange)
Enjoy using TON.Surf! This is the most user-friendly Free TON wallet. You can also download the TON.Surf app and use the wallet from your smartphone.

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