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Free TON Weekly Meetup #54. General updates

by lerika

Today, May 18, the fifty-fourth weekly meetup of Free TON representatives took place. It was attended by Ron Millow, Mitya Goroshevsky, Alexander Filatov, Joanna Eberhart, Roman D, Vladimir Kanin.

Preparations for the first-ever Free TON offline event – Sigma AIBC Dubai Show is coming to an end. About forty people will present the project at the event, including 25 winners of the AIBC Dubai Tickets competition, 9 representatives of TON.Labs. More than 500 companies from all over the world have registered for the event.

Mitya Goroshevsky uploaded the Rust network (rustnet.ton.live) live. After launch, it demonstrated to everyone the speed of the network, which amounted to almost 1200 transactions per second.

A representative from DeFi SG made a presentation on the idea of ​​a decentralized algorithm for passing KYC. Developers and businesses will be able to leverage the FreeTON network to support SSI applications in finance and DeFi, education, healthcare, insurance, communications, and more. For example, the current DEX implementation will use SSI for KYC and very efficiently rate users.

Members of the African SG made a presentation at the African blockchain week conference in which they will act as a sponsor. The conference will be held in Morocco, various blockchain projects of the African continent will take part in it. Representatives of the African SG will speak at the conference as speakers.

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