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AMA – session with Human Ventures

by lerika

On May 13, an AMA session was held with representatives of the Human Ventures team.
We remind you that the Human Ventures project tokenizes charity donations from leading foundations in order to make the distribution of charity funds transparent because we know that all information that once enters the blockchain becomes available to everyone and is saved forever.

Human Ventures has developed a platform with a concise interface, where all the necessary information is available:

  • Charity accounts
  • Recipients
  • Donors
  • Analytics.

In the analytics section, you can find all the information about the number of ward families of various charitable foundations. All information is structured by region of the country. It also contains information on the number of children in these families and the number of charity transfers.
There you can also find the total amount of donated funds, both from organizations and from individuals.

Attracting large companies to cooperate is the main goal of the project. Such partnerships are beneficial both for organizations that receive tax incentives for charitable activities and for the wards of charitable organizations. Thus, Human Ventures acts as a liaison between the two parties, providing both parties with the highest level of transparency.

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