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Free TON Anniversary Invitation

by lerika

Today the two bright members of the Free TON Community Alexander Filatov and Platon Knyazev made a video invitation for all the members of the community to celebrate Free TON’s First Anniversary.


Hi guys! My name is Alex Filatov. I’m a community member just like all of us. On behalf of the community, I would like to invite you to the one-year celebration of Free TON!

I still remember that moment, you know, when the folks pushed the button generating the genesis block. Let’s celebrate that together,  bring back the memories, meet each other! 

This is going to happen on May 7th in Moscow offline and then with the kind of Zoom bridge with like 10 plus countries, where we have strong communities. I let Platon comment on the very hype location.



You’re right Alexander, I can tell a lot about this location but I ain’t going to do that right now because on the 7th of may at 4pm you will be able to see it by yourself. I literally opened the doors to my house for you. I’m really glad we did a very good job this year guys and now it’s time to celebrate! Please welcome! looking forward to that guys, let’s rock and roll!

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