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Uniswap Yeild Farming

by lerika

Today we will tell you how to farm TON Crystal on the Uniswap exchange. Open your TON Crystal wallet, select TON, and in the list of coins click “send”. Enter the amount you want to convert to WTON (plus 1 TON for a fee).  Send to the pool contract address 0:136cc9fabcecfa251fae61a0fa727e1b65fe68edd2512beb671582189367faed


After clicking send you must go through confirmation. After confirmation check TON Crystal has been successfully deducted. Press next and wait for WTON to be deposited in your crystal wallet. The token will be added automatically as soon as the deployment of the contract is completed. It usually takes about one minute. As soon as you see the “Done!” message, you can go back to your account interface, open WTON, and make sure that tokens have been successfully converted.


In order to withdraw WTON to Ethereum, open your Ethereum wallet and copy the address. After that open TON Crystal wallet, select the new token, click on “send” and send the required amount to your addresses in Ethereum.


In the video below Metamask is used, but you can use any other wallet in exactly the same way. After you go through the confirmation your tokens will receive the status “minted”. Just wait for a while. When your tokens are ready to be swapped, the “execute” button appears.  Click on it and go to Check and broadcast to Ethereum on Ton bridge. Click “execute” and then pay the commission for the operation in Metamask.  Make sure you have enough Ethereum to cover the deployment on the blockchain. After confirmation, the received tokens will be visible in Metamask wallet or anyEthereum wallet. We should wait again for a while As soon as we receive the tokens,  we enter the WTON-USDT 


Select add liquidity on the new screen, enter the desired amount, or click on maximum, then on the supply button and confirm the deposit of funds into the pool. Confirm in metamask and in a couple of minutes your funds will be successfully added to the liquidity pool.


The transaction is confirmed. You will receive UNI-V2 tokens, and you are ready to start farming. The received tokens must be transferred via the TON bridge in the TON crystal wallet. Select Ethereum-TON transaction,  currency  – UNI-V2 and enter the number of tokens to transfer, then click on “next” and go to the TON wallet withdrawal page. Select TON and click receive in the crystal wallet. Copy the valid address, enter it in the appropriate file onTON bridge, click next and go to the confirmation page. Press confirm, press transfer token. After one minute here press transfer token.

Open crystal wallet for the next steps. At this point, a new token should appear in your crystal wallet. You should select and click collect and confirm,

Now you can send these tokens to the yield farming contract address. Click send, select the amount to send, and enter the address of the yield farming contract:



Enter the amount to send, and send in your tokens to the yield farming

Done! Go to the confirmation, press send again.



In order to see how your tokens work, open the farming tracker and enter the address of your TON crystal wallet. Do you want live notifications when people reply to your posts? Enable Notifications


To withdraw liquidity from a Yield Farming contract, just send 1 TON from your wallet (not a yield farming wallet) with a comment te6ccgEBAQEABgAACBL0A3A= here 0:cef1ddfd105b28e188be6787952507328eedb304c53cda9d5319497d96d59039 and you will get back everything that was farmed + your LP tokens.

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