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Contest: Free TON project news and educational websites

by lerika

Type: contest

Contest dates: April 26, 2021 — May 26, 2021 (at 23:59 UTC).

Voting cycle: 10 days


The audience attracted by PR activities of Free TON should get into an information environment with a friendly interface and an understandable structured presentation of the project and related events.

Community needs media resources that systematize and systematically cover the progress of the project: a review of contests and events, explanation of technological solutions, providing opinions of community active members and teams, creation of user guides on new tools and services.

These should be high quality regularly updated websites that can offer relevant content for different types of audiences and help navigate the project ecosystem.

However, the creation and management of such websites are possible only if there are teams of specialists of various qualifications who are ready to carry out their activities in the long term.

Therefore, the contest is aimed at projects and teams that already have experience and can prove their ability not only to create but also to maintain their product.

The goal

Support the ongoing efforts of teams implementing media projects and facilitate their further development in the form of web platforms covering the Free TON project in terms of news, analytics, and education.


Publications that are already financed from the budgets of community sub-governances or through partnerships cannot participate in the contest.


The submission should contain a link to a web resource and a short presentation, including data on the following parameters:

  1. Language of publications: English is required, others optional;
  2. Number of publications: at least 50;
  3. Number of publications about Free TON project (at least ⅔ of all publications – specify the exact numbers);
  4. The uniqueness of publications (at least ⅔ of all publications – specify the exact numbers);
  5. Connection with the Free TON ecosystem (links);
  6. Unique design.

Evaluation criteria

  1. Number of publications related to Free TON:

● 1 point – 30+ publications

● 2 points – 60+ publications

● 3 points – 100+ publications

● 4 points – 150+

NB: unique publication is considered to be an article in English with text minimal size 1000 letters with spaces. Translation to other languages should be considered as an additional benefit and gives one point by Jury.

Additional requirement

● Load speed (Google Page Speed : Score >50 both for desktops and mobile

Submissions with a score <50 should be rejected

  1. Content quality:

1 point – relevance of information about Free TON community events and the project development;

1 point – complexity of publications (reviews, guides, analytical articles, interviews, podcasts, AMA & Meetup);

1 point – educational aspect of publications (help to master tools and services and understand technological solutions deeper);

1 point – structured information on the site.

  1. Design features (uniqueness, attractiveness): 1 point.
  2. Additional benefits: 1 point.


Prizes for 1-3 places are distributed between submissions with 7 points or more, prizes for 4-5 places between those with 6 points or more.

1st place: 150,000 (50,000 + 50,000 + 50,000) TONs

2nd place: 105,000 (35,000 + 35,000 + 35,000) TONs

3rd place: 75,000 (25,000 + 25,000 + 25,000) TONs

4th place: 45,000 (15,000 + 15,000 + 15,000) TONs

5th place: 30,000 (10,000 + 10,000 + 10,000) TONs

Winners receive the prize in parts – 1/3 of the reward every month. The transfer is carried out if the following requirements are met:

  1. The site is functioning;
  2. The winners submitted a monthly activity report, in which they indicated their progress: an increase in the number of publications (at least 30) as well as improving or adding new elements of the site. These publications must meet the described contest criteria.

Jury rewards

The Jury Group will be rewarded with 5% of the total prize pool. Jury rewards are directly proportional to the number of votes, so if one juror votes less often and another more often, the reward is disseminated respectively. Only Jury Groups associated with Free TON content creation will be allowed to Judge.

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