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FreeTON Weekly Meetup #50

by lerika

Today, on April 20, the fiftieth weekly meeting of Free TON representatives was held. Roman D., Ben Sunderland, Evgeny Morozov, Ron Millow, Mitya Goroshevsky, Ivan Kotelnikov, Alexander Filatov, Pavel Muntyan, Vladislav Ponomarev took part in it.

Yesterday, two voices were approved at the vote:

  1. Partnership offer from 0xGames;
  2. An offer to pay prize tokens to the winners of contests, despite the fact that members of Influencers SubGov stole the prize pool.

The first private subgovernance in the history of the project was created – CryptoNumiz SG. This is a group of people with their own tokens, which turned to the Free TON community with a proposal to hold their own contests (the prize pool is also formed from CryptoNumiz SG funds). All that is required on the part of Free TON is the granting of the right to use the subgovernances panel. In the near future, a competition for artists to create designs for NFT – CryptoNumiz SG tokens will be held.

According to the results of the vote, a proposal to merge Free TON and Freeland was also adopted. Project representative Pavel Muntyan, previously known as the creator of the cartoon Mr. Freeman, spoke about Freeland and the prospects of merging with Free TON.

Colleagues also discussed a charitable organization in the Free TON network – Human Venture. Human Venture partners with major charities that raise funds for charity in fiat currencies. In turn, Human Venture tokenizes these donations in order to ensure that the distribution of funds is transparent and accessible to all people and organizations involved.

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