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TON is approaching Uniswap!

by lerika

Broxus team has upgraded the tonbridge.io to issue the Wrapped TON (WTON) in the Ethereum network and get listed at Uniswap.

What is this, and why do I need it?

Wrapped TON (WTON) is a tradeable TIP-3 token that can be transferred to the Ethereum network and back with intermediaries, pretty much like Wrapped ETH (https://weth.io) does.

We plan to list WTON at Ethereum DeX-es to promote FreeTON in the Ethereum ecosystem and bring more liquidity to the former. With TON Alliance’s help, Uniswap became the first one.

See all available trading pairs here: https://info.uniswap.org/token/0xdb3c2515da400e11bcaf84f3b5286f18fff1868f.

Why does this matter for our community? More users, more transactions, higher demand for TON Crystal, new projects, initiatives and integrations, and more press coverage, for sure.

WTON manual

How to issue WTON and transfer it to Ethereum

  1. Install Crystal Wallet or update it
  2. Refill your TON balance on the main account
  3. Send the desired amount of TONs (plus 1 TON on top) to the vault contract address: 0:136cc9fabcecfa251fae61a0fa727e1b65fe68edd2512beb671582189367faed
    1 TON is needed to guarantee the correct deployment of your personal WTON contract. Once it’s deployed, you will receive the change back
  4. Wait for a while (~1 min) for WTONs to arrive in your wallet — it will add the token automatically
  5. To transfer WTON to Ethereum, indicate Ethereum address in the destination field, as you used to

How to get your TONs back

Just send your WTON back to the same vault contract (you will need 1 TON as gas): 0:136cc9fabcecfa251fae61a0fa727e1b65fe68edd2512beb671582189367faed.


The cost of transfer is mainly the price of Ethereum gas. At 2 000 ETH/USD and 150 gwei gas price, one transfer will cost you roughly 15–20$.


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