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Free TON Weekly Meetup #49

by lerika

Today, April 13, the forty-ninth weekly meetup of Free TON representatives took place. Roman D., Ben Sunderland, Margarita Sukhoruchenko, Ron Millow, Mitya Goroshevsky, Ivan Kotelnikov took part in it.
Last week, tokens were sent to:

  1. Winners and members of the jury and administrator of the 1st round of the DePR competition;
  2. Members of the Formal Verification SubGovernance.

Two new proposals were approved by voting:

  1. Creation of NFT SubGovernance;
  2. Competition to travel to the AIBC Dubai Sigma Show.

The presentation of the TON Seed project was held during the meetup. TON Seed is a crowdfunding platform for projects on the Free TON network. On the platform, a company or startup can receive community support in the form of tokens. Also, those who helped the project to develop have the right to make a decision on the further development of this project by voting.

The competition, which was held by DGO SubGovernance, has recently ended. As part of the competition, all the necessary smart contracts for the TON Seed platform were developed.
At the moment, the work of the platform is financed from the personal funds of Margarita Sukhoruchenko and the Broxus team.

Mitya Goroshevsky asked if Margarita considered her project a commercial one. She replied that at the moment TON Seed is a non-profit project, but if it will benefit the community, then she will develop paid functionality for the platform.

The Broxus representatives added that TON Seed is a great solution for startups. Anyone can write a contest proposal on the Free TON forum, but, as a rule, voting for the proposal, the time of the contest and the jury’s voting takes a lot of time. TON Seed, in turn, helps projects raise funds much faster.

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