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Contest: Tickets to the AIBC Sigma Show in Dubai

by lerika

Within the framework of the accepted partnership between Free TON and Sigma, our community is the sponsor of the Dubai AIBC show, as well as other ongoing off-chain events. This is the first time that Free TON will be presenting and sponsoring at a major offline event, which is a very important milestone. This contest offers to attract participants who can bring the largest value for networking at the Dubai exhibition on 25-26th May 2021.


This contest is aimed at developing recognition of the project, building networking relationships between active members of Free TON and the global crypto community.

Contest dates

April 14 – 30, 2021

Voting cycle

10 days


  • Prove why you deserve to represent the community at this event;
  • Show your background, recognitions, awards, diplomas or any certifications you may have, etc.;
  • Show your projects/work in Free TON;
  • Must have or create a presentation/booklet/something about your use case (or any other unique means to deliver your message – use your imagination) to be able to explain your use case on Free TON at the event. Please describe what you will do or provide what you already have.
  • Answer the question, “How will I stand out at the event?”
  • Answer the question, “How will this benefit Free TON?”
  • Follow COVID-19 guidelines This is very important! If you do not follow the guidelines, you might not be able to enter Dubai. If you are a contest winner, but are forbidden entry for any reason whatsoever, the responsibility is wholly your own and you will forfeit your ticket(s) and reward.

Evaluation criteria

  • Product/service description and how it benefits Free TON
  • Event and offsite networking expertise;
  • Use case details;
  • Knowledge of sales and marketing (if not a technical person)
  • Developer experience (if you are a technical person);
  • Subscribers on social networks, social media presence;
  • Ability to deliver a clear message (CVs/resumes with verifiable links and work will help)


1st – 5th place:  1 general admission pass (Standard Ticket), 1 networking dinner pass (AIBC iGathering) + 1 party pass (AIBC Closing Night)

6th – 10th place: 1 general admission pass (Standard Ticket) + 1 party ticket (AIBC Closing Night)

11th – 30th place: 1 general admission pass (Standard Ticket)

Plus an additional 2,500 TONs to every winner, payable upon onsite registration at the AIBC event in Dubai to reimburse and offset travel, lodging, and meal costs, as well as mandatory COVID-19 test costs. Please come to the Free TON booth and provide your wallet number onsite to receive this reward.

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