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Free TON Weekly Meetup #46. General updates

by lerika

Today, March 23rd, the forty-sixth weekly meetup of Free TON representatives took place. It was attended by Roman D., Ben Sunderland, Vladislav Ponomarev, Ron Millow, Mitya Goroshevsky, Hector Rivera
Last week the tokens were sent to:

  1. DeFi Alliance under a partnership agreement;
  2. GC SubGovernance representatives based on KPI report;
  3. Pokerton;
  4. Free TON’s new partner is the Sigma project;
  5. RUCTFE is a Free TON partner in gaming technology.
  6. African subgovernance.

The representative of SMM Sub Governance spoke about the progress of the work. The team is working to create a favorable information environment around the Free TON project. There are two main areas of work: internal and external. In the first case, work is carried out on internal information resources: the project’s blog, telegram channels, YouTube channel. In the second case, information is published on external resources that are not part of the Free TON information ecosystem: Medium, Twitter, Crypto Forums, Hackernoon, and so on.

In the technical part of the stage, Mitya Goroshevsky said that in the near future the forum will publish several promo sites for holding contests, including:

  1. Auction smart contract contest;
  2. DeBot Browser contest. The purpose of these contests is to show the community that SMV smart contracts have many uses and that anyone can create their own ecosystem with TIP3 tokens.

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