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Free TON Weekly Meetup #44. Technical updates

by lerika

Today, March 9, the forty-fourth weekly meeting of Free TON representatives took place, in which Roman D, Ron Millow, Vladislav Ponomarev, Ben Sunderland, Nikita Inshakov, Alexander Filatov took part

New proposals have successfully passed the voting on the forum:

  1. Free TON wallet as a Chrome extension;
  2. Partnership with Hackernoon;
  3. Transfer of tokens in favor of the African Blockchain Institute based on the KPI report.

The representative of  = nil foundation talked about the progress of work on the second Rust node. All serialization issues were fixed by their team. The team also plans to update the cluster in the near future.

Traditionally, during the conference, colleagues answered the questions from the viewers.
Question: Do I need to enter the wallet address generated by dePress deBot when applying to participate in the dePR competition?
Answer: Yes, because when checking the work, the jury members will have to make sure that this work belongs to you.

Question: When will staking be available in the web version of TON.Surf?
Answer: This feature is not yet in production, but it is already available in beta (beta.ton.surf).

Question: I would like to accept payment with TON tokens on my website. How should I implement this?
Answer: You can use a ready-made solution from the Broxus team. Also, last week TON was listed on  Changelly exchanger. They provide a website widget that allows you to accept payment with TON tokens or any other cryptocurrency.

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