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Free TON Weekly Meetup #41. General updates

by lerika

Today, February 16, the forty-first weekly meeting of Free TON representatives took place, in which Ron Millow, Ben Sunderland, Alex Novikov, Nikita Inshakov, Pavel Prigolovko, Alexander Filatov, Roman D., Denis Kalinin., Hector Rivera took part.

Representatives of the Chinese subgovernance spoke about their activities. Their team currently has 2 developers, 4 copywriters, 4 marketers, 2 designers and 3 group administrators.
The freetonchina.com website was created by the subgovernance team, as well as groups on Weibo and Wechat. A Chinese New Year promotion has also been launched, which has grown the Chinese Free TON community by 14 times.
Further, representatives of the Chinese subgovernance talked about the need to localize TON.Surf for the Chinese, to which Mitya Goroshesky said that this should be done in the format of a contest, not just a request of tokens.

Then Mitya Goroshevsky spoke about the news of the Rust Cup. The actions of the validators stopped the network, thanks to which the developers identified errors in the operation of the C ++ nodes. At the moment, you cannot run C ++ nodes within the Rust Cup. Those contestants who launch them will be disqualified.

Also during the meetup, the possibility of creating a Philippine subgovernance and its own Free TON project exchange was discussed.

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