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Free TON Developer Quick Start Guide

by lerika

On February 10, an online conference for developers from the TON.Labs team took place.

The first speaker was Mitya Goroshevsky – CTO at TON.Labs. He said that in terms of technology, Free TON can be put on a par with projects such as Solano, Neer, and Polkadot. The advantage of Free TON is that it is not only a sharding network but also multi-threaded.

Mitya also spoke about the TON virtual machine, compilers, smart contracts, and Free TON SDK.

The uniqueness of the project also lies in its complete decentralization. Any token holder can vote (every decision in the project is submitted to the community vote) and thus participate in the development of the project. Also, decentralization is manifested in the absence of all sorts of elements of a centralized ecosystem: even when staking tokens, the user delegates them to an independent validator.

The uniqueness of the architecture of the Free TON blockchain is that it lacks two layers. For example, on the Ethereum network, the wallet address and its smart contract are two different things. On the Free TON network, they are the same thing. Thus, Free TON is the world’s largest network of smart contracts.

The Free TON network also has unique smart contracts – deBots. They are built online but can be run locally via the SDK. The SDK contains the TON virtual machine and allows you to run a smart contract on your computer. This smart contract will behave like a chatbot, but at the same time, it can interact with any smart contract on the network. If you create a smart contract and then write a deBot for it, then any user gets a convenient interface for interacting with your smart contract.

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