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Serverspace accepts payments in TON Crystals

by lerika

Serverspace added the ability to top up your balance with Free TON Crystals, making it the first cloud provider in the world to accept payments in this cryptocurrency.

Free TON Crystals cryptocurrency exists within the fully decentralized Free TON blockchain platform. The platform is capable of processing over 1 million transactions per second, making it the only blockchain with this level of performance.

A loyalty program is also available for Free TON Crystals holders. The program allows DePool Serverspace.io users to receive 10% reward accumulation bonuses on their Serverspace accounts.

Free TON Benefits
High transaction speed due to dynamic sharding – a technology for dividing data in accordance with the load.
The Safe Proof-of-Stake algorithm allows generating blocks in the blockchain structure only to validators who have certain Free TON Crystal amounts on their accounts.
The vertical blockchain engine allows for the correction of invalid blocks within the chain.
How to top up your balance using Free TON Crystal:
1. Via TON Surf or QR code;
Click the “Top up balance” button on the control panel and select the Free TON Crystals payment.
Enter the number of crystals you want, select top-up using TON Surf or QR code and follow the instructions.
2. Manually;
Transfer the desired number of Free TON crystals to the official Free TON Crystal Wallet server space at:
0: 97af2f79f612fcb4081077021f03914e2edb7acf81856b2a9edafb09a9524cba
In the comment to the transaction include a numeric-only ID for your Serverspace project. To find out your project ID, go to your control panel and copy the numbers following “pid =” in the address bar of your browser. After the transaction, Free TON Crystals tokens will be converted into euros at the exchange rate in effect at the time of payment.

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