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Changelly has offered a partnership to the Free TON project

by lerika

The international cryptocurrency exchanger Changelly, within which users can exchange more than 160 cryptocurrencies for more than 60 fiat currencies, offered a partnership to the Free TON decentralized project for a total amount of more than $ 500,000. Since Free TON does not have a single decision-making center, the project participants accepted the proposal by voting … The TON Crystal cryptocurrency has appeared on Changelly since February 4, 2021.

One of the largest cryptocurrency exchangers offered cooperation to the Free TON project through a system of contests and offers. The Changelly platform offered the project full integration into the project, which will consist of several components.

With the inclusion of TON on Changelly’s list of exchangeable currencies, over 2 million Changelly users will be able to buy, sell and exchange Crystal for over 60 fiat currencies and over 160 cryptocurrencies. The company offers many options for connecting to Free TON: APIs, web interfaces, Android and iOS mobile interfaces, and one of the most popular widgets in the industry.

As well as access to the capabilities of their partners – brokers and integration into partner wallets. Changelly is integrated with the largest cryptocurrency wallets, including industry giants such as MyEtherWallet, Exodus, Binance (review), BRD, Edge, Coinomi, Trezor, Ledger, Enjin, Huobi Wallet and about 40 other wallets.

Changelly’s open API will allow TON to be added to the exchange mechanism, which means that the currency will be available not only in existing partner wallets. Any developer of a new wallet or application will be able to add the ability to instantly exchange currencies for TON Crystal. In addition, we use all our marketing opportunities to attract attention to the Free TON ecosystem, – said CEO Changelly Eric Benz in the proposal.
The total contract amount at the current exchange rate exceeds $ 500,000 or 3,450,000 Crystal tokens. They will be distributed as follows: Changelly receives 100,000 Crystal tokens, after integrating the token into the platform and into the Changelly open API, the company will receive another 200,000 Crystal TONs. A media marketing campaign will cost the project 150,000 Crystal. 3,000,000 TONs will be sent to the commission in the Changelly network – each unique transaction worth more than $ 30 will be exchanged with a commission in 3 TON Crystal, in total, it is planned to ensure at least 1,000,000 transactions within the campaign.

Initially, it was about a partnership in the amount of $ 1 million, but after discussion, the parties adjusted their plans and volumes of interaction.

The system of competitions and offers assumes that the partner openly makes a certain offer, the community of TON token holders discusses it and makes its decision. A simple majority of votes is enough to approve the project, more than 51% of the votes were received for the partnership with Changelly. The agreement was paid for with Crystal tokens.

Changelly, founded in 2015, is one of the most renowned platforms for instant digital asset exchange, providing the ability to seamlessly exchange over 160+ currencies at the best market rate of over 1,000,000 monthly visitors. Changelly is a fundamental piece of digital asset infrastructure that provides tremendous liquidity for online transactions.

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