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Free TON Weekly Meetup #39. Rust Cup Update

by lerika

Today, February 2, the thirty-ninth meeting of representatives of the Free TON project took place, in which Ron Millow, Alexander Filatov, Roman D., Mitya Goroshevsky, Ben Sunderland, Alex Novikov, Arseny Ostrovsky, Cyril Paglino took part.
At the very beginning, the merger with the Dune Network was discussed. For its part, the Dune Network community voted positively for the prospect of the merger. The Free TON community also approved the merger on voting. The first on-chain merger in blockchain history will take place soon.

Anyone who wants to participate in the Rust Cup contest needs to update their nodes because the new version of the Rust node was released.
Then everyone moved on to discussing the DGO Sub Governance news. Mitya Goroshevsky said that he plans to post on the forum a proposal to hold a competition for the implementation of BFT (Business Flow Testing) Governance. There will be no strict rules in this competition, the only rule is that the implementation will need to be carried out through deBot.

At the end of the conference, the participants, according to tradition, answered the audience’s questions:
Q: When will the merger with Dune take place?
Answer: It will happen when both parties are technically ready for the merger.

Question: When will deBots be integrated into TON.Surf?
Answer: DePool smart contracts have changed a lot in the beta version, so it is necessary to adapt the deBots code for the new type of DePool contract. The TON.Labs team is actively working on this task.

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