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DeBots Master Class

by lerika

Today, February 2, a master class on deBots was held, in which representatives of TON.Labs took part: Alexander Filatov, Mitya Goroshevsky, Nikita Monakhov, Arseny Ostrovsky, Ron Millow
DeBot is a smart contract that can be downloaded and run locally. This smart contract uses a virtual machine built into the Free TON SDK.

The idea behind deBots is that they act as a user interface for smart contracts.

In this master class, you will find information on how to work with dEngine, how to work with the deBot interface if you want to create a browser (web page).

Nikita Monakhov took the floor and spoke about multisig deBots on Solidity. DeBot helps to establish a connection with another smart contract (or several smart contracts). To get information, you need to use GET requests, as shown in the screenshot.

The response (callback) must contain the same arguments that were passed in the GET request.

There are several standard interfaces most often used by developers: Terminal, Address Input, Menu for the browser of work, bISk for DEngine. They are used to call other smart contracts. The screenshot shows a call to the Menu interface. Calling up the interface, we list the menu items. If the user clicks the first item – “Select wallet”, then the corresponding function (tvm.functionId (selectwallet)) will be triggered.

Question: How is the user’s wallet handled in the browser when invoked? It is necessary that not the user enters the wallet address, but the deBot himself sees the desired address.
Answer: If you work with deBot through the terminal, then you will have to enter the wallet address yourself. When deBots are integrated into TON.Surf, it will be possible to select a wallet from your list of contacts.

Question: How to deploy DeBot?
Answer: Like any other smart contract. Solidity has a smart contract builder. For deBots on Solidity, the required argument is deBot abi in .json format

You can find detailed instructions on how to create and use deBots in the video:

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