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Art Erotic AMA session

by lerika

Today, January 28, an AMA-session was held, in which representatives of the Art Erotic project Alena Syrovatskaya – the general director of the project; Maxim Khokhlachev – IT developer; Andrey Zhukov – head of the photo nomination; Nikita Grigoriev – NFT architect; Alexander Zvezdin is the FreeTonShop project manager, took par.

Art Erotic is a project that unites people working and creating in the field of contemporary art and fashion, based on the love of eroticism, sensuality, and sexuality.

The technological value of the Art Erotic project for Free TON lies in tokenization. Photographers take beautiful photos that can be equated with objects of art. Many people buy the right to use these photos. The idea of ​​partnership with Free TON is that each photo has a separate NFT token, history, and record in the blockchain. Thus, a hash of the photo will be stored on the network, confirming that this photo belongs to a specific user. This is one of the applications of the Free TON blockchain for the Art Erotic project.

The launch of the Art Erotic project platform is scheduled for February 15. Sometime after this date, the project representatives will be able to give specific information about the number of users.

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