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Free TON Weekly Meetup #38. Technical Updates

by lerika

Today, January 26, the thirty-eighth meeting of representatives of the Free TON project took place, in which Ron Millow, Alexander Filatov, Vladislav Ponomarev, Nikita Inshakov, Mitya Goroshevsky, Alex Novikov took part.

The main topic of the meetup was technical updates in the project, but before moving on to their announcement, Ron Millow said that all the winners of the completed contests have already received their awards.

Then Mitya Goroshevsky spoke about the progress of the DePR Contest. In the forum thread, you can find a list of the initial Free TON representatives selected by the community. Everyone who wants to take part in the competition must choose a project representative to whom he will send the text of the article for approval. Also, each article, according to the terms of the competition, must be sent to DePress deBot, which will be published within 10 days.

Mitya also talked about the Rust Node. He said that the new network can be launched tomorrow or the day after tomorrow according to the team’s plan, but users are asking to postpone the launch of the network for a while due to the fact that now there is a validator competition and everyone is focused on it.

After that, Hector Rivera spoke about the news of the Mexican subgоvernance. Its representatives entered into a partnership agreement with one of the famous bloggers in their segment. Tar; e was planned to be listed on the popular Latin American exchange Bitnovo. Advertisements about the project were posted on four popular resources.

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