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Free TON Weekly Meetup #37. DeBot updates!

by lerika

Today, January 19, the thirty-seventh meeting of representatives of the Free TON project was held, in which: Ron Millow, Alexander Filatov, Vladislav Ponomarev, Nikita Inshakov, Mitya Goroshevsky took part


During the stage, Mitya Goroshevsky demonstrated a standardized version of deBots from TON.Labs.

Now everyone who wants to create their own deBot on the Free TON blockchain can use the documentation from TON.Labs, which contains a file with explanations of each step of the work.


Then the representatives of the Web & Design subgovernance took the floor. At the end of last year, this subgovernance held two contests: Video Explanation and New Year Greeting Card. In the first contest there were 86 applications for participation, in the second – 276. This is a critically large number of applications and it was not easy for the jury to process each of them and leave a detailed review.


Members of the Latvian Free TON community have put forward a proposal to create a Latvian subgovernance, which will soon be posted on the forum and available for voting.


After that, the participants of the meetup answered the most interesting questions from the audience.

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