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Free TON Weekly Meetup #35. End-of-year results

by lerika

Today, December 29, the thirty-fifth meeting of representatives of the Free TON project was held, in which Ron Millow, Mitya Goroshevsky, Alexander Filatov, Ivan Velikorodov, Yuri Loktionov, Nikita Monakhov took part.

This meeting was dedicated to summing up the results of the year.
Yuri Loktionov summed up the work of the Global Community SubGovernance. He said that his team successfully held a competition to support the project on social networks, a competition to promote Free TON on popular forums about cryptocurrencies, as well as Global Community SubGovernance selected ambassadors and jury members.

Nikita Monakhov spoke on behalf of DGO SubGovernance, saying that his team held a jury competition and developed a platform prototype for DGO SubGovernance members. At the moment, a competition for the development of an SMV smart contract is in the active phase, and in the near future it is planned to launch another competition for developers.

Further, with reports on the work done and plans for the next year, representatives of the following subgovernances took a word:
Analytics & Support subgovernance
Mexican subgovernance
Wiki subgovernance
eSports subgovernance
SMM subgovernance
Korean subgovernance
Chinese subgovernance
DevOps subgovernance
Influencers subgovernance

At the end of the meetup, the participants answered the audience’s questions and congratulated the Free TON community members on the upcoming New Year 2021.

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