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TORUS AMA session

by lerika

Today, December 21, an online conference in the Q&A format with representatives of the TOR.US project was held on the official Free TON Youtube channel.

The company is creating an access key management system that allows you to link a cryptocurrency wallet to the social network Google account. This allows you not to use complex phrase passwords when using the wallet.

Question: How can your technology be used in the Free TON blockchain?
Answer: We can provide our development for authorization to Free TON wallets via social networks or email.

Question: How does your network store user keys?
Answer: Each key has three parts.
Part A is stored on the user’s device, for example, on mobile devices, it can be stored in the device’s memory protected by biometric data.
Part B is managed by a login service via node operators: this share is then split into a network of nodes and retrieved using normal authentication flows.
Part C is an additional shared resource that is stored by the user, possibly on a separate device, loaded, or based on user input with sufficient entropy.
Similar to existing 2FA systems, a user must verify ownership of at least 2 out of 3 (2/3) shares in order to obtain their private key.

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