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Kuna exchange announced listing of TON Crystal

by lerika

Cryptocurrency exchange Kuna announced the listing of the Free Ton coin, and also announced that trading in the TON / USDT pair is already available

Free TON is already available for users
Cryptocurrency exchange Kuna announced the listing of the Free TON token.

“We are opening the Free TON Crystal (abbreviated TON) deposit, and tomorrow (12/11/2020) we are launching trading in the TON / USDT pair. So do not waste time, start it now to be one of the first to take part in the auction. For convenience, you can use our platform as a custodian wallet, or even better – use our mobile application for this, ”says the website of the cryptocurrency exchange.

At the time of this writing, the cost of the Free TON Crystal token was $ 1.09.

Free TON is a peer-to-peer multiple blockchain platform. The difference between the networks that are built on the TON protocol from other blockchains is the incomparably higher transaction speed and the originally thought-out scalability. The Free TON economy is based on the TON Crystal coin, which differs significantly from classical cryptocurrencies in its architecture and distribution method. It was initially impossible to buy TON Crystal just like that, since the tokens were distributed through a competitive mechanism.

Free TON without Durov
The Free TON project has become an alternative version of the TON blockchain developed by Pavel Durov’s team.

Recall that the TON blockchain project was supposed to be launched on April 30th. The main developer of the platform was Pavel Durov’s brother, Nikolay. According to the community, which defended the project during the litigation with the US Securities Commission (SEC), the platform was technically ready to launch in the winter. However, due to violation of American legislation, the project was not launched.

FreeTON also has a community of the same name, which includes developers and validators from several countries of the world, including Russia, America, Spain and others. The community also included TON Labs, which developed infrastructure and application solutions for the TON blockchain. The organization has never been directly associated with Telegram, but nevertheless, Durov did not forbid them to use the name of their blockchain and position it as a technology partner. According to SEC representatives, it is TON Labs that is one of the largest investors in the Durov brothers’ project.

As explained on the Free TON website, the platform was created on the basis of open source, and the launch of the blockchain will take place in several stages. Validators who complete all stages and launch their nodes will receive a reward of 200,000 TON.

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