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The Clobal Community Subgovernance was created

by lerika

Various activities were carried out for several months. Launch of the contests, forum users supporting, two Sub-Governances work (Wiki & Ambassadors), development of the programs, bounty company launch. AMA-sessions and zoom call with Ambassadors etc. The attraction of people to the Free TON, training, and integration into the community. More than 300 active people were engaged and 200 new community members. A lot of Ambassador applications from different countries, 60+ contest submissions, and different programs. 36 jury submissions. We have doubled the activity and attendance on the forum, and much, much more. PROOF OF HARD WORK.


This Sub-Governance is created with the aim of developing and growing an active community of enthusiasts, partners and organizations as a common decentralized Free TON ECOSYSTEM.


The goal of the Global Community Sub-Governance is to grow the community with tools, contests, programs and partnerships created in a decentralized way.

Main Tasks

  1. Global community development. People engaging from different countries of the world. Interaction with language groups in the Free TON. Support.
  2. Engaging organizations and partnerships to develop a global community.
  3. Creation, development, launch and support of all the necessary tools to ensure the work of the Global Community Sub-Governance.
  4. Preparation, launch, and support of programs.
  5. Preparation, launch, and support of various contests and activities.

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