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Multisignature wallet. Security card

by lerika

We are launching a series of releases about TON Labs Security Card. Let’s start with the important thing — the card as an element of a multisignature wallet in Surf.

 is one of the widespread smart contracts on the Free TON blockchain. It allows you to use more than one signature (private key) when performing operations on the blockchain. Thus, the safety of your assets in the wallet is significantly increased, and if one of the keys is lost or stolen (for example, if you lose your Surf device or forget your master password), your assets will remain safe.

The basic multisignature wallet use case in Surf is , where:

  • The first key is the , presented as a 12-word seed phrase for your convenience. Read more about the master password here.
  • The second key is a  The private key is generated directly in the card’s chip and cannot be extracted from the card.
  • The third key is backup. This is  that generates and stores another private key.

You can also use the Recovery Service specially developed by TON Labs engineers, where the generation and storage of the keys (the third multisignature key) are carried out on HSM equipment in Switzerland.

We will talk about the Recovery Service in detail in our later releases.

Thus, using a pair of TON Labs Security cards, you create a multisignature wallet in Surf, which has no equal in the world of blockchain.

In our subsequent releases, we’ll cover the following:

  • What to do if your card or phone is stolen or lost?
  • What to do if you forget your master password?
  • How to restore access to assets?

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