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Free TON Weekly Meetup #30. New validator token distribution update

by lerika

Today, November 24, the thirtieth weekly meetup of Free TON representatives took place. It was attended by Ron Millow, Alexander Filatov, Pavel Prigolovko, Maris Eihmanis, Mitya Goroshevsky, Anastasia Volkova, and Roman D.
At the start of the meetup, the Latvian community Free TON was introduced to the community. Its representative Maris Eihmanis told everyone about the nearest development plans. Latvia is a country with great potential in the field of IT, in this country many are interested in blockchain technologies, so this is a favorable environment for promoting Free TON.

Then Anastasia from Wiki SubGov was given the floor. She said that their team included new members of the jury. Also, over 500 articles were checked for machine translation. Now Wiki SubGov representatives have a flat rate for both translation and rewriting, it ranges from 10 to 15 TON per 1000 characters.

Ekaterina from SMM SubGov said that their team was also replenished with new members of the jury. The content plan of the project was translated into English, and new contests were also launched: a competition for authors and a competition for activity in social networks.

Ivan Kotelnikov from eSports SubGov announced a new partnership with the StarCraft Streamers team and held a joint tournament. Two more partnership agreements will be signed next week: with the Swedish team ePals and Enter eSports from Ukraine.

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