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Free TON AMA session with Everstake

by lerika

Today, November 18, on the official Free TON YouTube channel, an online Q&A call was held with representatives of the Everstake team.

Everstake is a staking platform that has its own validators in more than twenty major mainnets, as well as twenty-five testnets such as Tezos, Polkadot, Icon, Cosmos, Cardano, Solano, EOS, and others.
At the moment, the total budget for Everstake stacks is approximately $ 1 billion.
The Everstake team was among the first to sign the Declaration on Decentralization. They are attracted by the Free TON ideology, as well as the architecture of the system itself.

Question: Why is Free TON not in the Under active development section of your website?
Answer: At the moment, work is underway to update the site, so some coins (about 7 pieces) are not in the general list. They will be added soon.

Question: Will Everstake be able to provide informational support for Free TON when staking opens?
Answer: Of course, because Everstake works closely, for example, with ForkLog, and also has many partners among influencers in the English-speaking segment.

Question: What are your plans for Free TON development?
Answer: We will find out what developments from our side would like to see members of the Free TON community, and we will implement them one by one.

Question: What is the forecast for TON within your company?
Answer: Optimistic, because if we had doubts about the project, we would not seek to cooperate.

You can watch the answers of the Everstake team to the rest of the audience’s questions in the full video on youtube:

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