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CreaGames AMA session

by lerika

An online AMA-session with the Creagames team was held today on the Free TON official Youtube channel. The guys talked about their project and presented a proposal for cooperation.

Creagames is a portal with a huge selection of browser and client games. Most likely, many have heard of games like Clash of Legions and Dragon Knight.
Creagames’ audience reaches several million unique users from over 200 countries every day. The main interest in the collaboration is that all these people will have access to the Free TON network.

For Creagames, cooperation with Free TON is a matter of reputation, as Free TON boasts the most loyal community and an impeccable reputation.

The Creagames team estimated the cost of integrating Free TON and their platform at 350,000 TON Crystal tokens. Here’s what will be done at this cost:
1. Acceptance of payments with TON Crystal tokens will be organized
2. An airdrop will be carried out and a system for rewarding users with tokens will be created.
3. There will be bounty campaigns for group administrators, the most active community members and players, for the winners of the competitions, as well as for finding bugs.
4. Advertising mailing will be done to an active audience of users, which exceeds 10 million people.
Full text of the proposal is here: https://forum.freeton.org/t/creagames-free-ton/3738

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